Our Mission
Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization working in the economically and politically disenfranchised community of Boyle Heights to empower the community personally and socially by developing grassroots projects in education, leadership, and service.

Our Approach
Proyecto Pastoral takes pride in its commitment to a grassroots approach in which local community members play a critical role in the planning, design and implementation of programs and services.
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Proyecto Pastoral's Programs



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March 24-28

Aliso Pico Recreation Center Registration

March 27

9am: BHPN: ELACC Financial Education Workshop

March 27

6pm: BHPN: Pueblo del Sol Zumba, Mendez

March 27

6pm: ECE: Child Development Workshop, Centro de Alegria

March 29

8:30am: BHPN: ELACC's Vita Tax Prep Clinic

April 3

11am: Proyecto Pastoral's Annual Fundraising Luncheon, "Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit"



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Read "Skills, discipline and fun through Gymnastics" by Lesly Juarez - an article about Gymnastics at the Aliso Pico Recreation Center.

Skills, discipline and fun through Gymnastics


Tres generaciones de mujeres fuertes, —su madre, que la sacó adelante; su abuela que gestionaba negocios en México para dar de comer a sus siete hijos y su bisabuela que era conocida como "la maestra" porque enseñaba a leer y escribir a la gente en 1900— inspiran el trabajo diario de Raquel Román.... Read More

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Imaginando Mañana Pico-Aliso Community Team Outreach (or IMPACTO) is an after school program for the children of Boyle Heights community, and also a frequent site location for one of APO's many service opportunities. Volunteering at IMPACTO every Friday afternoon, I have come to discover that this community space is more than just a program for kids to come and kick back after school and before going home... Read More


They call themselves guerreras - warriors. The Women of Pico Gardens have fought gang violence, unemployment, litter and potholes. So when rumors spread recently that their public housin project in Boyle Heights was going to be privatized, they organized... Read More


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