CEM (Comunidad En Movimiento)

Comunidad en Movimiento is a program committed to building relationships among different community leaders to resolve critical issues affecting Boyle Heights and the surrounding areas. In February 1999, residents of the Pico-Aliso community in Boyle Heights joined together with Proyecto Pastoral to create Camino Seguro ("Safe Passage" in Spanish) to protect the safety of their children. Camino Seguro arose to combat the gang-violence crisis in Boyle Heights. People were afraid to go out on the street as shootings victimized adults, youth, and children alike. The community came together to stand on street corners, and at schools and churches, held Peace Walks, met with elected officials and law enforcement asking for a response to the crisis. Today, gang-violence has subsided in Boyle Heights but residents, are aware that if they don't maintain their efforts, violence can break out again.

    Safe Passage Program

    The Safe Passage program is a group of community resident volunteers from the Dolores Mission area who are trained and committed to standing on the street corners in the before and after school hours to ensure the safe arrival of children to and from school.

    The program also coordinates with Dolores Mission church on community Peace Walks throughout the neighborhood to demonstrate the community's solidarity in the struggle against violence.

    Women's Conference

    The Women's Conference provides health, leadership, and personal development workshops designed to promote preventive health practices and environment.

    This year's conference will be held on Saturday June 25, 2016 at Dolores Mission School.

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HACLA Board of Commissioners Vote on Pico Garden

February 27, 2014, 9am


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Vocal Power - Desde la Base, Summer 2012

No matter how successful a program is, there often comes a time when rethinking the order of business is the very move that keeps the program vital.  This reality came to light recently at a Safe Passage meeting, when the conversation turned toward creating a new infrastructure.  As a result, this crucial program dedicated to community safety is now in the process of building three committees, and each and every Safe Passage  volunteer must join one of them.  Program Director Ana Gomez states, “Our goal is to ensure that every volunteer has the chance to engage in leadership activities, planning, and decision making.  This way, everyone steps into an advisory role and every voice is heard.”...Read More >>

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