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News-Guadalupe Homeless Project: The Journey of Robert Jameson

Desde La Base- Summer 2014


 Ask Guadalupano Robert Jameson how he became homeless, and he'll tell you point blank: a difficult divorce turned his world upside down. This surgeon's assistant with 25 years of experience in the healthcare field found himself both jobless and relinquishing his home in a relatively short span of time. His story illustrates the adage "it can happen to anyone."

Robert's life took a turn for the better, however, when Pathway Homes in Pasadena referred him to Proyecto's Guadalupe Homeless Project. And as Robert tells it, he soon received so much more than a place to sleep. "I found fellowship with others who were also going through a very hard time. And sometimes, I was able to encourage them too."

Robert benefitted from GHP's highly-personalized, case management, which he says makes GHP by far one of the best shelters in Los Angeles. While most shelters have stringent rules regarding hours, Robert's case manager Sal Mendoza allowed him to work nights. "This job allowed me to save money," he says, adding "The program's flexibility made this possible." His dream is to own a home again.

"After all, if you don't go through anything in this life, you don't have a testimony."

After 90 days in the program, Robert is now working as Wound Care Clinician at Alternative Healthcare LA. His future goals include writing a book about his experience and donating a portion of the proceeds to GHP. In his new position, he is also helping to open a wound care testing center.

Robert's outlook reflects gratitude. "I'm thankful for the prayers and fellowship of the good people at GHP," he says, "and I'm also thankful for my experience. After all, if you don't go through anything in this life, you dont' have a testimony."



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