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News-Wishes of "Bon Voyage" go to Promesa Boyle Heights Special Projects Associate Daisy Cuellar

Desde La Base- Fall 2015


When Proyecto Pastoral hired Promesa Boyle Heights Special Projects Associate Daisy Cuellar in January of 2014, the initiative had just begun to witness the fruits of the now highly successful community-school model at Mendez High School. Daisy Elizabeth Cuellar was brought on to support Promesa’s early learning and wellness solution teams, but in her time at Proyecto Pastoral, she’s gone above and beyond her job description to become a member of the family.

Daisy Elizabeth graduated from Oscar de la Hoya High School and Wellesley College. Previous to joining the Promesa Boyle Heights team, she had been a participant and/or volunteer in various local organizations, including El Centro de Ayuda, East LA Women’s Center, and Salesian Boys and Girls Club.

Ask Daisy to share her favorite Promesa Boyle Heights memory, and she’ll say it is the Goldhirsh Foundation’s LA 2050 Campaign in which the PBH team outreached to the community in a bid to win a $100,000 grant to support the launch of a Wellness Center at Mendez H.S. and vital resident leadership work. She states, “There was a lot of momentum and enthusiasm among community residents, partners and the school! Although we received third place, we gained a lot of visibility and support. We also launched our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

She also recollects that when she first joined the PBH team, she met a lot of community partners who spoke about the uniqueness of the work. They showed a great sense of integrity and commitment, and she continues to see those values expressed in the collaborative. “By working with such a diverse team, I also learned more in depth about being intentional in all of our work,” she says.

Deycy Hernandez, Director of Promesa Boyle Heights, states “I am so proud to see how much Daisy has grown. She helped us build strong relationships with parents and community partners and built a strong foundation for our wellness work. We will miss her as both a colleague and a friend and we are excited to see her follow her dreams.”

Next, Daisy will explore her interest in the healing power of nature by researching and pursuing programs that explore medicinal plants. She states, “I am really excited to have found this direction in my life and was especially inspired by my (Wellness) work with Promesa. One program, I am highly interested in is through the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. There is a great possibility that I may return to the East Coast! I am truly grateful to the entire Promesa team, Proyecto Pastoral staff, partners and school staff for embracing me! I am also thankful for the residents and parents I was able to meet! I will greatly miss everyone, but know that my connection to all of you will remain!”

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