IMPACTO Summer Sponsors 2013

ISummer arrives on our doorstep with giggles, shouts of welcome and lots of eagerness when our academic enrichment program launches summer day camp.
JUNE 24TH is opening day for IMPACTO’s (Imaginando Mañana Pico-Aliso Community Team Outreach) summer program, offering new and exciting experiences for our neighborhood youth. Our great staff and teams of intern volunteers help 200 youth remember lessons from the just-finished school year and ready them to face the challenges of the upcoming year. Whether they are a new 1st grader or an 11th grade student moving into that last year of high school, all focus on academic and critical-thinking skills – important to their futures.

FUN, TOO! There are field trips to play in the water at Descanso Gardens, enjoy the waves at the beach, visit a museum and more. Time on the volleyball court, soccer and swimming keep kids active while teaching teamwork and healthy living. Because busy boys and girls need nutrition 5 days a week, we provide 6,000 lunches and snacks over six weeks! When LAUSD schools are on break, parents depend on Proyecto Pastoral for quality activities, food for their children and child-care.

Summer can be a risky time for the youth of Boyle Heights. IMPACTO is our powerful answer to keeping youth engaged.

SPONSOR SUMMER for an IMPACTO youth, and come visit us to see smiles all around!



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